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El Giza's Seal


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Welcome to visit my site in new stages for king's valley II in msx emulator.. now you can play in new levels for this game and show new ideas in new stages I build 4 levels in my site to play my stage

1- Easy Mode • 2- Normal Mode • 3- Hard Mode • 4- Extreme Mode

Note: All stages compatible for king's valley II RC761 don't play any stages for RC760 version becouse is not compatible in this version

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What's the new

NEW add stages .... 2 in extreme (18/2/2015)

NEW add 2 stages in other stages page by OldMan . 1 for Big Show , 2 For Sozan , 2 for BigMac , 1 for Magic Woman , 3 for Yaman & 2 for Sandy (18/2/2015)

All stages in All Levels is completed theres no anymore stages in this site by me ..... but if you have some stages and spread you stages in my site just send me and I hosted that in my site .... (good luck)


About King's Valley II

Original info from Bifi site

King's Valley II is the sequel to the first Konami game I ever bought. It's a platform game completely based on the mystery of the Egyptian Pyramids, King's Valley II is more like science fiction. The japanese says "Ouke no Tani - El Giza no Fuuin" which means "King's Valley - El Giza's Seal". Thanks to Roy Wijnen & Patriek Lesparre for translating it.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, thanks to Vick XIII, this could be curiosity could destroy Earth.

A descendant of Vick the Adventurer, Vick XIII, is currently on the planet of Remool investigating pyramids. He found an inscription concerning the ancient Egyptian royal family:

The Souls will be guided to El Giza, in the land of the Remool.

The fact is, that the royal family of ancient Egypt came from Remool, and the Pyramids on Earth were a device to transport their souls back to their home land. The treasures are control devices which enable transport.

The only way to save Earth is for Vick to put an end to the core functions of El Giza, which is the central pyramid linked to the pyramids of Earth. Therefore, Vick needs to find his way to the inner sanctum through the sealed chambers. He needs to collect and destroy all of the soul stones.

The dudes that are featured in King's Valley II are the following:


Vick XIII, you control his actions
Slouman, just walks on the floor, falls when the floor stops, turns back when he bumps into a wall, instantly commits suicide (again) when he can't get any further, can't climb stairs
Flouman, does all Slouman does, but he can climb stairs and chases your butt. Just like with Slouman you can jump over him to avoid him
Pyoncy, jumping dude chasing your butt as well, climbing stairs when he detects you're above him. To avoid him you can just walk under him while he jumps
Rock Roll, this rocky thing rolls over the floor. Just like Slouman, he falls when the floor stops, turns back when he hits the wall. Lethal in movement, useful to jump to unreachable spots

Items found in any of the chambers:

Soul Stone, Vick needs to grab all of the stones to unseal the exit door to the next chamber
Knife, when picked up, you can throw it. When it hits an enemy or hits the wall, it falls down, hitting the floor it awaits the next pick-up, on stairs it fall down the stairs
Boomerang, does the same as the knife, but returns when it comes too far and you'll catch it if it passes and you're not holding anything else
Pickaxe, it will make a hole in the floor two characters deep. The pick will disappear when it's used
Drill, it will make a hole in the wall two characters deep. The drill will disappear when it's used
Scoop, it will make a hole in the floor one character deep. The scoop will disappear when it's used
Hammer, it will make a hole in the wall one character deep. The hammer will disappear when it's used


Exit Door, when you enter the chamber. The door is sealed by the number of Soul Stones found in the chamber. When all Soul Stones are retrieved, the exit door will be unlocked and Vick will automatically proceed to the next chamber when he stands in front of it

The traps which are found in the chambers:


Revolving door, this door switches access direction when you pass it
Trap door, this door closes behind you when you pass it
Stone, it acts exactly the same as Rock Roll. However, it doesn't move bij itself so needs to be pushed by Vick
Ladder, it can be used completely twice before it disappears
Floor, it can be used completely twice before it disappears
what's this ? I tell you what's this..this is gold grave it's not in the game but I put this grave in my map becouse I don't want you know what's my enemy in my stages

Specail Secret :

There are two special passwords. Both will start in the first stage:

FESTIVAL You can walk through enemies without being killed. When you commit suicide using <F5> this will be deactivated
TRYAGAIN You get continue <F5> when the game is over

The game has two types of hidden stages, Puzzle stages and Music stages. In the puzzle stages you need to solve the puzzle to gain something extra. In most cases, this will be extra lives. For music stages you can play some of the game music. The screenshots below provide the location of the stages and which type of stage you will enter:

Stage 7, Music stage Stage 20, Puzzle stage

Stage 24, Music stage Stage 29, Puzzle stage

Stage 32, Music stage Stage 35, Puzzle stage

Stage 40, Music stage Stage 43, Puzzle stage

Stage 50, Music stage Stage 52, Puzzle stage

Stage 53, Music stage Stage 55, Puzzle stage

Music stage Puzzle stage

and this is all password for this Game:

Original password from Knightmaresaga site

- Stage 01: ABPKAAAA
- Stage 02: ACPKAAAA
- Stage 03: ADPKAAAA
- Stage 04: AEPKAAAA
- Stage 05: AFPKAAAA
- Stage 06: AGPKAAAA
- Stage 07: AHPKAAAA (Music)
- Stage 08: AIPKAAAA
- Stage 09: AJPKAAAA
- Stage 10: AKPKAAAA
- Stage 11: ALPKAAAA
- Stage 12: AMPKAAAA
- Stage 13: ANPKAAAA
- Stage 14: AOPKAAAA
- Stage 15: APPKAAAA
- Stage 16: BAPKAAAA
- Stage 17: BBPKAAAA
- Stage 18: BCPKAAAA
- Stage 19: BDPKAAAA
- Stage 20: BEPKAAAA (Puzzle)
- Stage 21: BFPKAAAA
- Stage 22: BGPKAAAA
- Stage 23: BHPKAAAA
- Stage 24: BIPKAAAA (Music)
- Stage 25: BJPKAAAA
- Stage 26: BKPKAAAA
- Stage 27: BLPKAAAA
- Stage 28: BMPKAAAA
- Stage 29: BNPKAAAA (Puzzle)
- Stage 30: BOPKAAAA
- Stage 31: BPPKAAAA
- Stage 32: CAPKAAAA (Music)
- Stage 33: CBPKAAAA
- Stage 34: CCPKAAAA
- Stage 35: CDPKAAAA (Puzzle)
- Stage 36: CEPKAAAA
- Stage 37: CFPKAAAA
- Stage 38: CGPKAAAA
- Stage 39: CHPKAAAA
- Stage 40: CIPKAAAA (Music)
- Stage 41: CJPKAAAA
- Stage 42: CKPKAAAA
- Stage 43: CLPKAAAA (Puzzle)
- Stage 44: CMPKAAAA
- Stage 45: CNPKAAAA
- Stage 46: COPKAAAA
- Stage 47: CPPKAAAA
- Stage 48: DAPKAAAA
- Stage 49: DBPKAAAA
- Stage 50: DCPKAAAA (Music)
- Stage 51: DDPKAAAA
- Stage 52: DEPKAAAA (Puzzle)
- Stage 53: DFPKAAAA (Music)
- Stage 54: DGPKAAAA
- Stage 55: DHPKAAAA (Puzzle)
- Stage 56: DIPKAAAA
- Stage 57: DJPKAAAA
- Stage 58: DKPKAAAA
- Stage 59: DLPKAAAA
- Stage 60: DMPKAAAA

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