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Finally this is first time to make new characters and stages and finishing my project Mugen but this is not best it's good projects any way , and so soon when I make any new thing for mugen I put all my projects in this site

I don't Explain any thing for mugen because there is many site have many tutorial for mugen

but if you don't have any tutorial for mugen for making characters I advise in this site is very good for learning

Infinity Mugen Team Wiki

go to this link to know more about mugen (

About my Site

Ok .. I see no any one make characters for Queen's Axe .. I know this game is Hentai But I edit all Sprites characters for Playing Without Hentai Anymore .. & I release First My characters it's Cattleya any many stages for this game

What's New

Aisya is seconed character for Queen's Axe Game look like she's cute ...OK I draw new sprites for this character to make this char very better like Cattleya ... I make new Moves and super for this project ... any why if you Enjoy more download from character section

7 Stages Relesed to Enjoy more

To download Go on top page to select stages and characters ... And I will see you for more stages and characters (Good Luck)

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